Florida Divorce: 8 Documents You Need to File

Florida divorce courts have almost 100,000 people representing themselves each year. I've seen many of those who represent themselves turned
away from the Clerk of Court because they didn't have all the necessary
documents to file the case.

Don't be let down or frustrated by being turned away at the clerk's office. Instead, educate yourself on Florida divorce law and court procedure and be prepared.

To file the case, you need at least six documents. If you have children, you will need eight documents.

These are the documents you need to have to file your case on your own:

1. Civil cover sheet
2. Notice of Related Case
3. Petition for Dissolution of MarriageMpj030589400001

4. Financial affidavit
5. Affidavit of Corroborating Witness
6. Summons

With minor children, you also will need:

7. Child Support Guidelines Worksheet
8. Notice of Social Security number

Don't be turned away. Avoid needless delay and have all the documents for the Clerk of Court when you file your Florida divorce case.

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