Mediation Cost

Mediation costs can vary because each couple is unique and has unique issues; however, mediation typically costs each participant $100 per hour. The number of hours required depends on how many points the parties agree on, the complexity of your situation, and the ability of both parties to be flexible and make compromises. Frankly, compromise and flexibility can be difficult for some people. Other divorcing couples are able to be MPj04341310000[1]_tflexible and make the compromises needed to start the next chapter of their lives.

Initial Session of Mediation – Costs

The mediation cost is due before the session begins. Each party is expected to come to the initial session having completed the financial affidavit and prepared to the fee quoted by this office so that mediation can begin. Generally this session is a get acquainted time where i can

  • Review your circumstances, including any support or child issues
  • Review the information on your financial affidavits
  • Identify any information needed for future sessions
  • Brainstorm possibilities for disputed issues

Cost of Additional Mediation Sessions

Your additional sessions will cost the same as your initial mediation session. During the first session I will be able to provide you with a better estimate of the time your case will require. Of course, it is only an estimate because this is a dynamic process that can change. Most couples with financial issues can resolve their issues with two or three sessions. Couples with disputed child issues often require at least four mediation sessions in order to resolve all the issues.

Weekend and Evening Mediation Cost

There is an additional $30/hr cost ($15 per person) for mediation sessions on the weekends or after 5 pm.

Additional Mediation Cost

You are responsible to pay for the time it takes to write your settlement agreement.  Each party should bring $200 to the first session so you can pay for the session and make an initial payment on the agreement preparation.