Mediation Process

Here is how the mediation process works at the office of Pamela S. Wynn LLC.

Agreement to Mediate

Once the two of you have agreed to hire me as your mediator, my office will send an Agreement to Mediate for your signatures. The Agreement to Mediate contains the terms for your mediation at the office of Pamela S. Wynn LLC. It spells out the exact terms of the confidentiality of the process, what to expect and the principles of mediation. The Agreement  to Mediate also spells out the payment terms for your mediation. We will also send you a link so that you can both prepare your financial affidavits. The financial affidavits are required in Florida, and also help in settling your case.

Scheduling Your Mediation Sessionmediation process

We offer convenient scheduling options for your mediation session. You can select a time that is convenient for you both through the online appointment system or through my assistant. The online appointment system will even send you a reminder about your mediation session. The online system also allows you to reschedule your session easily. You may attend one or multiple sessions in the mediation process. Since each case is unique it’s impossible to predict how many sessions it will take to reach complete agreement.

The Mediation Session

The two of you will meet at a mediation session, along with me. The initial session is usually 90 minutes long. In the first session we will review the areas in which you have agreement and those areas in which you either need more information or where there is no agreement.¬† Depending on the circumstances, we may generate some additional settlement options for the areas where you don not yet have agreement. If more time is required to settle your case, you may have some “homework” to complete before the next mediation conference is scheduled.

Mediated Settlement Agreement

A written Mediated Settlement Agreement is the final phase of the mediation process. All the areas in which you and your spouse have reached agreement are memorialized in the agreement. Parenting plan issues, timesharing, child support, property division and alimony are all discussed in the written document. The Mediated Settlement Agreement is a contract when it has been signed by both spouses. It is immediately enforceable as a contract. That’s why I recommend that you have an attorney review the Mediated Settlement Agreement before you sign it. As a mediator I cannot give you legal advice about the ramifications of your settlement agreement.

If You Do Not Settle Your Case Completely

If the mediation process does not settle all of the issues between you and your spouse, you have the option of entering into a partial mediated agreement or going to trial. A partial agreement will limit the length of trial because the judge will only hear evidence relevant to the outstanding issue(s). Your Mediated Settlement Agreement will cover the remaining issues. Partial mediation agreements can save you significantly on attorney’s fees at trial.

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