Divorce Final Hearing & Your Florida Driver’s License

In Florida, many courts allow you to prove that you’ve lived in Florida for 6 months before filing the petition (personal jurisdiction) by presenting your driver’s license at the final hearing. In order for your license to prove that you’ve lived in Florida long enough, your license must have an “issue date” that meets the six month requirement. Be sure to check this out BEFORE you go to the final divorce hearing.

If your license was not issued at least six months before you filed the petition for dissolution of marriage, you will need a residency witness (someone who has personal knowedge of when you moved to Florida) or an affidavit of collaborating witness (Form 12.902(i)), completed by someone who knows when you moved to Florida.

In summary, you will need one of the following 3 items to prove personal jurisdiction at your final divorce hearing:

  1. A Florida driver’s license issued at least 6 months before the filing date
  2. A live witness who knows how long you’ve lived in Florida
  3. Form 12.902(i) completed by someone who knows how long you’ve lived in Florida

This is a simple thing, but I have seen more than a few people have petitions denied at a final hearing based on not being able to prove personal jurisdiction.

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